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AMERICANS Can Now Submit their
Letter for Indictments
for Crimes Against America and
Crimes Against Humanity
Using the Links Below.

It is time for all Attorney Generals, District Attorneys and Prosecuting Officials to Remember and Execute Their Oaths!

Instructions for U.S. Citizens to Submit Your Letter for Indictments
Calling for the
State Attorney Generals (AGs),
District Attorneys (AGs) &
Applicable Prosecuting Authorities
to Convene Criminal Grand Juries to
Indict The People Responsible for Their
Gain-of-Function Criminal Violations!!!.

BECAUSE We ARE The People!!!
& It is Up to Us to Hold These People
Criminally Accountable.
for Crimes Against America &
Crimes Against Humanity.

Chose ANY of the Three Options Below to get you to the website, to be part of the Cure for the Disease (Criminal Gain-of-Function Research) Taking over our Country;
The United States of America.

Then record your taking your Letter for Indictment to your U.S. Post Office;
Post it on Social Media and
Challenge others to do the same. Campaign Challenge
Record Your Taking Your AG/DA Letter for Indictment to the
U.S. Post Office


(1) You can either follow the QR code in the following video to the website where you can complete and download the documents with instructions.


(2) You can click on the following link or QR codes to get to the website where you can complete and download the documents with instructions.



(3) OR you can watch the following 10-minute video providing more information about the purpose of the Letter for Indictments Campaign and then go to the url by clicking on the link below OR the QR code in the "What can I do? video above.

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 9.13.21 AM.png

CHD.TV Interview

The Deposition

Remember Why We Must Do This.

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