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[Quantitative Nuclear Imaging]

The Fleming Method for Tissue and Vascular
Differentiation and Metabolism

(FMTVDM) Using Same State Single or Sequential Quantification Comparisons. Patent No. 9566037
FMTVDM (FlemingMethod)

Measuring regional
blood flow & metabolism.




Four Important Features of FMTVDM (FlemingMethod)

1) FMTVDM is the only patented method that can measure changes in regional blood flow and metabolism differentiating healthy from diseased tissue.


2) FMTVDM can quantitatively measure what is happening at the tissue level distinguishing dead from normal tissue, from inflammation & infection, from early and later coronary artery blood flow disease, from dysfunctionally abnormal tissue, from pre-cancers and cancer.


3) FMTVDM measurements allow clinicians and researchers to determine if a treatment is working in each individual; thus tailoring treatment to the patient, saving time, money, resources and LIVES.

4) FMTVDM also allows rapid determination of what research drugs and treatments work by measuring their effect at the tissue level where it matters.


- - - - - - - - - -

The Fleming Method integrates with any nuclear camera and any applicable nuclear isotope to produce "True Quantification" of regional blood flow difference and metabolism.


Conventional nuclear images rely on human visual observation for subjective or "guestimate" evaluations.


The Fleming Method uses a complex, yet simple method of camera recalibration to turn images into numerical computations removing the human subjective evaluation and associated error.


Unlike common nuclear imaging protocols that require two injections of a nuclear isotope, the Fleming Method many times only requires one injection reducing patient venous punctures and radiation exposure.

Dr. Richard M. Fleming, inventor of Fleming Method calibration, measurement, and imaging patent, recognized that many of these isotopes can be measured sooner than previously expected.  This method enables the identification of conditions such as critical heart disease, cancers, and infections such as COVID-19.  The Fleming Method uses existing FDA approved devices and drugs to provide the computational evaluation to help determine severity of conditions otherwise missed with conventional methods.

The Fleming Method is a paradigm shift in nuclear imaging reducing scanning times in some instances by hours with use of existing equipment. In 2008 Creighton University was ready to proceed forward with Fleming Method and The Lincoln Journal Star was poised to write a feature story about this breakthrough.

Nuclear Image Evaluation by Measurement -
NOT Human Observation, Estimation or Error.


Following almost two decades of Research & Clinical work, FMTVDM became the first QUANTITATIVE METHOD - patented or otherwise - that can accurately, consistently and reproducibly measure changes in tissue inside your body, finding problems sooner and able to determine if your treatment is working.

The development of the FMTVDM imaging methods could represent a part of a paradigm shift in cardiac nuclear imaging, and is following the overall risk stratification of patient with Nuclear Medicine, rather than a simple binary diagnostic answer from medical imaging. It significantly increases the detection rate of coronary disease (FHRWW) as well as malignancy detection in breast imaging (BEST).  Moreover, it is a quantitative method that views disease processes, to correlate degree of disease and treatment response.

FMTVDM can be used to calibrate any type of imaging nuclear camera currently in use in healthcare facility. FMTVDM can also be used with any isotope

Hand held probes, Planar or Stationary:


  • PET, PET/CT or PET/MRI.​

"BEST is a game-changer ... could replace mammography, altogether, within a few years... most promising method for detecting breast cancer in my 40 year career as a radiologist specializing in breast cancer." 

Dr. Iraj Khalkhali, 

Director of Radiology, UCLA

"The first/only opportunity to study pre-cancer
in women...

BEST could enable
us to ERADICATE cancer."

Dr. William Dooley,
Director Breast Health Center of Oklahoma

FMTVDM for Heart Disease and Cancer
(including BREAST), and CoVid-19.

"The Fleming Method (FMTVDM) for measuring regional blood flow and metabolism provides the first tool capable of measuring changes in tissue seen with heart disease, cancer and SARS-CoV-2.

By measuring these changes in tissue The Fleming Method makes it possible to not only distinguish early changes in heart disease, cancer and SARS-CoV-2; it also makes it possible to determine the extent and severity of these health problems AND determine what treatments actually work.

The patented Fleming Method has been validated with more than two decades of research and provides the first Paradigm shift in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with heart disease, cancer

and NOW SARS-CoV-2."

Dr. Tapan K. Chaudhuri

Professor of Radiology

Eastern Virginia Medical School

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