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Differences between dead tissue, minerals deposits like calcium, normal living tissue, infected and inflammed (inflammation) tissue, and cancer can all be differentiated based upon

Metabolic Differences

which result in

Regional Blood Flow Differences

Resulting from the Metabolic needs of the Tissue.

This is What FlemingMethod measures.

By Measuring these Metaboic & Regional Blood Flow Differences (RBFDs) FlemingMethod can not only find Heart Disease Sooner and Determine if Treatment is Working, FlemingMethod can also find changes leading up to CANCER sooner allowing for easier & potentially less toxic or harmful treatments.

FlemingMethod can also determine if the Treatments are working; saving time, money, and lives.

A Few of the Published Research Papers on Breast Enhanced Scintigraphy Testing (BEST). Today, BEST is one of the many components of FlemingMethod also known as FMTVDM.

Some of the Problems with Tests that are Visually (Qualitatively) Interpreted Are False Negative and False Positive Results. The Following Video Explains What this Means.

Making Future Decisions

There's Nothing Easy About Being Told You Have Cancer

Answers and HOPE

The Following Shows an Example of FlemingMethod Quantitative Image looking for Breast Cancer (B.E.S.T. Imaging)

FMTVDM - Breast.jpg
FlemingMethod Measures Breast Changes.jpg

The Measured FlemingMethod Values are Different Depending Upon What Health Problem You are Looking for and How FlemingMethod is being Used to Look for that Health Problem.

The Following Graphic Shows Just one of the FlemingMethod Approaches to Looking for Cancer.

The Results of this FlemingMethod Study Confirmed an Almost Two Hundred Year Old Theory on How Cancers Grow and Develop.

A Curvilinear Change with Growth Occurring Slowly at First and Then Accelerating as Shown

2020 FlemingMethod Confirms Cancer Growth Theories.jpg

An Example of Three Different Patients FlemingMethod Results are Shown Below Along with What was Seen Using Ductoscopy by Going Through the Nipple.

FlemingMethod Measures Changes in Breast Cancer.jpg

Finally We Can Compare the Results of Changes in Breast Tissue Over Time.

In the Following FlemingMethod Studies We Can See Worsening of Breast Health Occurring over Two Years Following a Proposed Treatment Regimen that for This Woman Clearly Did NOT Work as Demonstrated by her Increasing FlemingMethod Numbers.

Breast Disease Worse with Treatment.jpg
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