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Crimes Against America
Crimes Against Humanity

The events of the last several decades have culminated in the world we now find ourselves in.

Not a world of science, reason, or open discussion.

But a world of division, censorship, and abuse of power.

A world of unprecedented human experimentation, manipulation and control.

Not since Nazi Germany has such experimentation and government control existed.

This world demands from us the same as it demanded of our ancestors.

Crimes Against America &
Crimes Against Humanity

The following pages are dedicated to discussing and addressing the divisions, confusion, and misinformation that has permeated the world around the origin of SARS-CoV-2, the InflammoThrombotic Disease (COVID-19) that has killed so many, the efforts to block medical treatments and forced drug vaccine biologics for a Gain-of-Function Virus.

We also appreciate the many people who have asked to help by providing gifts of their time, talent and resources. We will soon be setting up a Go Fund Me site for the later and are grateful for the support and resolve of We The People and The People of The World.

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