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It's Time for YOU
to Be Heard & For Those Responsible to Be Held Accountable.

See Action Steps Below

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On the last page you saw three brave Nazi Concentration Camp Survivors decide to join the Cause of Bringing Those Responsible for this Gain-of-Function Exploitation of Humanity to Justice - REAL JUSTICE - before the
International Criminal Court (ICC).

This Justice will not Occur in a Single Courtroom but in Multiple Courts Including
the International Criminal Court (ICC),
the Federal and State Courts of the USA,
and Courts in Other Countries.

We know that Many Courts Have Been Corrupted But We Still Believe There are
Judges, Somewhere, Who Understand that History and Higher Forces WILL Hold Everyone Accountable, Including These Judges;
for What They Do and What They Fail to Do. Just as The Judges of Nazi Germany Were Held Accountable in the Justice Trial of Nuremberg in 1947.

These Gain-of-Function Crimes Against Humanity, Must and Will be Addressed, if We Join Together in One Loud Voice and Put Pressure on the Courts (Judges) and Our Elected Officials to Take Action.

These Judges Must Prosecute ALL USA Agencies and Officials Who Have Been Involved, by Definition, in the Research & Development of these Gain-of-Function BIOWEAPON(S).

Bioweapon Gain-of-Function Research That in Conjunction with the Violations of Informed Consent Requirements, has Violated
The1947 Nuremberg Code,
The 1964 Declaration of Helsinki,
The 1967 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR),
The 1975 Biological Weapons Convention Treaty, and
the American Medical Association Code of Medical Ethics.

To Help You and These Judges Better Understand What Has Been Happening & What These Criminals Have Been Doing, I have Laid out the Details of Much of This in:

A Scientific and Forensic Investigation



In Addition to This Book, I am Including the pdf (# 1 below) of my 214-slide Presentation I am Currently Giving Across the USA.

This Way You Can Study the Slides
(# 1) at Your Own Pace and Review and Share These Slides With Other People.

I am Also Including Two Documents
(## 2 & 3)
DARPA - PREEMPT (HR001118S0017) Discussing The Involvement of the USA Federal Government with Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric and Shi Zhengli, who Have Been Instrumental in this Gain-of-Function Research and Bioweapon Development.

Briefly Discussed in the Following Video.

For The Most Recent Updates on Vaccine Adverse Events Go to:

In Addition to These Important Materials, Please Do Not Forget About the Pain, Suffering and Death Caused to Others by These Bioweapons.

Lessons Suffered by Others so You and Your Loved Ones Can Be Spared - IF You Take Action Now!


Because Tomorrow May Be Too Late.

Carpe Diem Quam Minimum Credula Postero!
(Take on the Day and Do Not Trust in Tomorrow!)

(1) Read the Information Above Including the pdf of the Slides, and Listen to the Stories of the People Who Have Been Hurt by This Bioweapon & the Bioweapon Vaccines.

(2) Call, Visit, Email, Write EVERY Elected Official you Have from the Local Level, State, and Federal Level including Regional and County Officials, to Your Governor, Senators, Representatives and the President.

When these Elected Officials and Their Workers tell you, Someone Else Handles this Type of Problem; Remind them That They Were Elected to Represent The People, and Elections Help Remove People From Office Who Fail to Handle Problems Like This.

(3) Meet With Friends, Neighbors, Relatives,
Co-workers and Anyone You Know to Talk About the Information on this Website. Then Have Them Take Action Too!

(4) Sign the Following Petition to the International Criminal Court (ICC) calling for the ICC to Act Now to Hold These Criminals Accountable for Crimes Against Humanity.

(5) Stand Up for Yourself and the People You Love and Respect. Decide What Type of World You are Going to Leave for Your Children and Your Grandchildren.

Don't wait for Someone Else to Act. You Are the Cavalry.

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