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Action Materials

The following materials provide you with information and templates that you may
print, and
mail or email
to the appropriate individuals.

These documents include

Exemption template for you to submit if you choose to not want to be forced to receive a drug vaccine biologic.

Petitions to

The President

The Senate

The House of Representatives

Your Governor

In addition to Fliers for you to give to others including

Cease & Desist Mask & Vaccine Mandates

Harassment & Deprivation of Rights

Your Civil Rights

The Following Oath is Sworn by Those Elected to Office and Placed in Positions of Authority & RESPONSIBILITY to the American People.

" Support and defend the Constitution of the United States...

Elected Oath of Office.jpg

The Following Are Our Physician Oaths.

The Oath is to Our Patients.

Not the U.S. Government,
Courts, Insurance Companies, Big Pharma,
Federal Agencies, or Hospital Systems.

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