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Honor Your Oaths
Honor Each Other
Honor Your Patients

Beginning in August of 2021 we will be holding several events for Physicians and Healthcare Providers to talk about their responsibilities to YOU THE PATIENT.

We will take the opportunity to record some of those meetings and discussions and share them with you here.

Many people ask where they can find a physician who will actually treat them for SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19; instead of merely telling them there is no treatment and come back when they are sicker. We hope this will encourage your Physician and Healthcare Providers to take up their Oaths and Honor their Commitment to You and to Each of Us - their Medical Brothers and Sisters.

Too many physicians have forsaken their Oaths and followed the directives of three letter agencies and politically elected and appointed individuals.
Such is not the practice of Medicine.

This forsaking of the following Oaths is what
the Nazi Doctors did
and their reward was
the Doctors Trials at Nuremberg.

Most physicians look forward to the day when they will join their classmates and recite one of the Following Oaths. Oaths that have been passed down over the years. Oaths to each other and our Patients.

Nowhere in these Oaths will you find an obligation or duty to a Government, Court, Insurance Company, or to Big Pharma.

Remember Your Oath

Geneva Oath.jpeg
Hippocratic Oath.jpeg

Florence, Italy
12 August 2021
Italian Physicians & Healthcare Workers Oppose Forced Vaccinations.

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