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In 2020 Healthcare Providers were called Heroes for Being on the Front Line of the SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 Battle Ground.

We Were Applauded as We Went to Work and as We Came Home.

In 2021 We Became the Villains for Asking Questions.

Patients Were Not Being Treated When They Came to the Hospital or Doctors Office. WHY NOT?

Patient's Were Told There Were No Treatments. No Treatments for Problems We Have Always Treated, Including Nebulizer Treatments for Airflow into the Lungs. Medications to Reduce Blood Clotting Problems, and Other Medications for Infections.

Instead Patients Were Being Sent Home Until Severely Ill, and Then When Patients Were Finally Admitted to Hospital, We Could Only Use Treatments Endorsed By The Federal Government and Hospital Administrators. To do Anything Else Meant Risk of Retaliation by the Government.

Those Who Trained Me, My Personal Friends; Drs. Michael DeBakey, Denton Cooley, Red Duke, Michael Kioschos, William Lawton, and Mel Marcus, Among Others; Are Probably Turning Over in Their Graves.

The Practice of Medicine was Pronounced Dead Upon Arrival at Hospitals and Doctor's Offices Around the Country and Around the World.

Medicine was Usurped by Those Who Were NOT and Are NOT Clinically Trained to Take Care of Patients, and In Many Instances by People Who Have NEVER Treated a Patient or Been Responsible for Treating a Patient in Their Life. Self Proclaimed Experts Unable or Unwilling to Appreciate the Harm and Suffering They Are Causing.

The Practice of Medicine has Been Given CPR and is Arising from The Grave of Hippocrates and my Friends and Teachers.

Around the Country and Around the World, Physicians, Nurses, and Healthcare Providers are Assembling.

At One Such Meeting in Dallas, Texas, USA, on the 27th of August 2021, a Group of These Heroes Gathered Together Along with Members of the REPUBLIC.

REPUBLIC: a State in Which Supreme Power is Held by the People.

Together with the Members of the REPUBLIC, we Signed the Following Document.

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